Company Profile

SUDEBOX - Specialized manufacturer of electrical enclosures

    SUDEBOX is a leading enterprise specializing in designing, manufacturing, and selling waterproof boxes. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional waterproof solutions worldwide, ensuring your peace of mind and convenience. Since our inception, we've developed over 100 sizes of outdoor waterproof junction boxes, offering complete protection for electrical equipment in outdoor and humid settings.

   Our unwavering commitment to quality and reputation is at the heart of SUDEBOX. We adhere strictly to quality control processes, subjecting our products to rigorous checks to meet international standards.

   Backed by a highly skilled R&D team, we introduce innovative products annually, providing you with a competitive range of waterproof boxes. We are confident SUDEBOX will be your top choice. Welcome to SUDEBOX!

Our Core Values

SUDEBOX - Your One-Stop Solution Provider for Waterproof Boxes

  • Quality First
    Products undergo strict quality control processes and testing to ensure each Electronic Enclosure meets strict standards.
  • Innovation-driven
    Continuously explore new materials and new technologies to meet changing market demands.
  • Customer-centric
    We actively listen to your needs and provide you with professional advice and tailor-made solutions.
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