HPC-6 IP65 junction box electronics enclosure plastic waterproof

Product Features

Product Name :distribution box

Keyword :Distribution Box Electrical

Material :Merlon/ABS

Ways :4-54ways

Feature :Long Service Life

Usage:Construction Electrical Control Box

Advantage :Provide OEM

Application :terminal distribution

Usage :Construction Electrical Control Box

◆ Panel is the ABS material for the engineering, high strength, never change color, the transparent material is PC.

◆ Cover push-type opening and closing Face covering of the distribution box adopts the push-type opening and closing mode, the face mask can be opened by pressing lightly, the self-locking positioning hinge structure is provided when opening.

◆ Wiring design of the power distribution box
The guide rail support plate can be lifted to the highest movable point, it is no longer limited by the narrow space when installing the wire. To install easily, the switch of the distribution box is set up with the wire groove and wire pipe exit-holes, which are easy to use for a variety of wire grooves and wire pipes.

◆ The bottom of the box base is designed with self-tapping screw holes, which is very convenient for assembly and installation. The hinge buckle type can be installed on the long side or the short side of the hinge buckle arbitrarily.

◆ You also have the option of a front plate or various other mounting accessories. This series of products is also used in the solar field and can be used as a combiner box.

Product Specification

ModelWaysIP RatingProduct Sizes(L*W*H)  mm
HPC-44 waysIP65107*212*92
HPC-66 waysIP65165*200*100
HPC-99 waysIP65219*200*100
HPC-1212 waysIP65273*230*110
HPC-1818 waysIP65381*230*110
HPC-2424 waysIP65273*380*110
HPC-3636 waysIP65381*380*110
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