HA-8 8way Electrical panel board/ Waterproof Power Electric Distribution Box

The bottom of the box base is designed with self-tapping screw holes, which is very convenient for assembly and installation. The hinge buckle type can be installed on the long side or the short side of the hinge buckle arbitrarily. You also have the option of a front plate or various other mounting accessories. This series of products is also used in the solar field and can be used as a combiner box.

Product Features

Model NO.:HA-8
Shell Material:Plastic
Impact Rating:Ik08
Transport Package:Carton
Color:Light Gray

Shell Protection Grade:IP65
Feature:Waterproof /Dustproof /Sunscreen
Production Capacity:100000PCS/Month
Application Range:High-rise Buildings

◆Exterior door concealed buckle design,Beautiful and safe.
◆The exterior door is installed in contact with the bottom box to install waterproof adhesive strips,The screw fixing holes are blocked with silicone plugs,It is best waterproof.
◆The distribution box needs to penetrate the housing to fix the wall. After the screw isfixed, it can be used on the silicone cap cover to prevent water ingress.
◆The housing has various ways to mount there served holes. lt is more convenient to install and use.

Product Specification

ModelWaysIP RatingProduct Sizes(L*W*H) mmproduct weight
HA-88 waysIP65215*210*1000.66KG
HA-1815 waysIP65410*285*1401.9JKG
HA-2418 waysIP65415*300*1402.1KG
HA-3624 waysIP65570*300*1403KG
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