Configuration and application of industrial socket distribution box

Post Time: 2023-09-22 13:24:41

Industrial socket distribution box is a power distribution device that uses plugs and sockets as input and output interfaces.The fixed distribution boxes used in power plants generally have a main power switch. While the branch switches can use leakage protection switches or small plastic case circuit breakers.Most mobile distribution boxes do not have switches or only have shunt switches.Some cabinet doors are also equipped with power indicator lights to show whether the power is turned on, and also have a decorative effect.

Most socket distribution boxes are painted iron boxes with protection levels up to IP44. Small socket distribution boxes also have plastic shells.

In thermal power plants, due to the serious pollution caused by using coal as fuel, especially coal yards and their transportation, which contain coal dust, and the environmental conditions are poor, stainless steel is often used as the box body for socket distribution boxes under these environmental conditions. In fuel-fired power plants, since the fuel is oil and the workshop environmental conditions are good, engineering plastic (polycarbonate), stainless steel, and iron spray-painted boxes are commonly used in socket distribution boxes.

The socket distribution box has 3 characteristics:

(1) Convenient and fast. Because the plug-in method is used instead of the traditional terminal wiring method, it is more convenient and practical than the distribution box using terminals when distributing power.

(2) Safe and reliable. The current socket distribution box uses industrial plugs and sockets that comply with the (1918-11919-89《Industrial Plugs, Sockets and Couplers” standard 》(equivalent to IFC309-1, 2 standards), overcoming the old-fashioned The disadvantages of plugs and sockets are poor safety and reliability and fragile when dropped: Because they adopt international standards, they are safer and more reliable for general use at home and abroad.

(3) Diversification and wide use. Socket power distribution devices have broken the traditional single fixed form and have designed a variety of power distribution equipment. Currently, there are portable, hand-pushed, frame, wall-mounted, and bracket types. series of products.

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