What factors affect the waterproof performance of waterproof junction box?

Post Time: 2023-09-22 13:19:16

When we design a dustproof and waterproof distribution box, the higher the protection level, the higher the performance requirements of the waterproof distribution box.So,what factors affect the waterproof performance of waterproof junction boxes?

First, the choice of size is an issue we need to consider when choosing a waterproof distribution box, and it is also an important part of the entire purchase process.

Second, we must consider the impact of material selection on the function of the waterproof distribution box. Regarding materials, we will provide some information and comparison documents on how to correctly choose waterproof distribution boxes.The sealing ring plays an important role in the protective function of the waterproof distribution box.

Third, the sealing ring of the junction box is a good protection, and the sealing ring plays a very important function in protecting the protection level of the waterproof distribution box. The persistence of the degree of protection over time depends on the characteristics of the sealing ring.

The performance of the waterproof junction box varies depending on the material of the sealing ring used. The material of the sealing ring determines the degree of protection of the electrical sealing box. When selecting a seal, compare the elasticity of the individual material components, the effects of contact with many chemicals, and the effects of heat and cold. It is important that the waterproof distribution box and sealing ring have a common resistance to the same chemical substance to achieve good results.

With the development of the economy, the use of plastic junction boxes is becoming more and more widespread, such as: cabins, outdoor electrical, communications, fire-fighting equipment, petrochemicals, home furnishings, electronics, mines, subways, mining sites, hotels, ships, large factories, You can see them in coastal factories, unloading docks, schools, etc., all of which illustrates the wide range of uses of plastic junction boxes.

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