The structure of the junction box and the function of each part

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Components of junction boxes

A junction box is an electrical component used to connect and manage cables, wires and install electrical equipment. It usually consists of a housing, connectors, terminals, seals, grounding studs, pushbuttons and switches.

Component function of junction box


The Enclosure for junction box is usually made of high temperature resistant, flame retardant, good insulation properties of engineering plastics or metal materials. Its function is to fix and protect the internal connectors, terminals and cable lines, etc., in order to prevent mechanical damage, dust, moisture, corrosion and other effects on the internal components.


Connector is an important part of the junction box, it is mainly used to connect cables, cables and external electrical equipment. According to the specific needs of the connector can be plug type, threaded, clamped, crimped and other different forms. Its function is to provide electrical connection and exchange signals to ensure the transmission of current and normal operation.

Terminal block

Terminals inside the junction box are used to connect cables and cables, and its main function is to realize electrical connection and fixed cable. Usually terminals have excellent electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance to ensure the reliability of the connection and the stability of the work for a long time.


In order to prevent the electrical components inside the junction box by water, moisture, dust and other external environmental intrusion, the junction box usually use seals to seal. Seals can be made of rubber, silicone, hard rubber and other materials, its function is waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, to ensure the safety and reliability of the internal electrical connections

Grounding stud

Grounding stud is one of the important components of the junction box, its function is to connect the junction box with the ground to achieve grounding protection. Grounding stud is usually made of conductive materials, with good conductivity and mechanical strength.

Push button switch

These junction boxes are also equipped with push-button switches to control the opening and closing of electrical equipment. Pushbutton switch is usually installed in the junction box shell, easy to operate, with waterproof, anti-fog, dust and other characteristics to ensure the reliability and safety of the switch.

Above is the main structure of the junction box and the function of each part, which work together for the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment. According to the specific electrical needs and environmental requirements, the specific structure and function of the junction box will be different.

Installation process of junction box

Construction Requirements

The horizontal elevation of the junction box, firm and straight concave and convex, the position of the left and right, the requirements of the same wall, the same room, the same level, the same building number are correspondingly consistent, to achieve the quality acceptance specification of the corresponding construction requirements, and the requirement of junction box once the molding construction is to give full consideration to the above requirements, through the practice of figuring out the summary of the achievements, junction box once the molding can effectively ensure that the structural strength of the installation is not damaged, and the pipeline direction is reasonable, and the junction box will be installed in a reasonable way. Destruction, and the pipeline direction is reasonable, and the as-built plan can be very good correspondence, otherwise if a large number of later pipeline repair, pipeline bypass too much, such as after the completion of the renovation is not clear about the direction of the pipeline of the bad situation, but also on the later maintenance and other work inconvenience. A large number of molding to avoid the later knocking, repair, secondary construction, shorten the construction period, is to save a lot of human resources, from the whole for the reduction of the project cost contributed to: In addition to solve the problem, because of the structure, the decoration of the wall is affected by the wall cracking and other sequelae.

Construction program.

(1) the installation of wire box and civil construction staff together, and send a person according to the civil construction of the structure marked elevation, select and fix a platform located in the central part of the only datum, and then use the level of instrumentation level out of each person switches, sockets, and other junction boxes of the exact elevation, do a good job of clear marking, so as to effectively ensure that the same floor, the same room of the junction boxes of the elevation of the error.

(2) Brick wall junction box embedded, using the “set of masonry method”.

After the popularization and use of new environmentally friendly materials, concrete blocks, the traditional way of using the second wall groove piping, not only affects the structural strength of the concrete blocks and its waste, dust are incompatible with the new construction method. Sets of masonry method refers to the pipeline in place, and then with a special cutting machine in the junction box location of the place of bricklaying in advance of the 86-type box holes, and then sets of masonry, and then a professional electrician in order to meet the elevation, level, verticality, under the conditions of good masonry with high grade cement mortar fixation. This avoids a lot of wall trenching work, protects the structure, saves cost, in order to ensure the quality of the junction box molding, the professional electrician must first carry out the technical briefing, and then familiar with the drawings, master the pipeline direction and the junction box elevation, location, ready to cooperate with the mason.

3) After the completion of the block needs individual maintenance, according to the design drawings of the PVC junction box to determine the location of the civil construction of the pop-up level line as a reference, hanging line leveling, line drop to find the right, marking out the actual size of the PVC junction box, location, and then don’t groove buried box, and finally stabilized PVC junction box, and then full of mortar, flat and solid, the coordinates are correct, the fixed PVC junction box from the external wall surface is less than 3cm, it is necessary to add a metal mesh fixed and then plastered. If the fixed PVC junction box is less than 3cm from the surface of the outer wall, it should be fixed with metal net and then plastered to prevent air cracks.

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