How to install a junction box and precautionary note

Post Time: 2024-04-26 17:29:21

1、first determine the installation location of the junction box in order to determine the location of the opening (please note that different products have different size of the opening, and away from water and other damage caused by the possibility of);.
2、put the junction box into the cut mouth; 3, use screws to fix the junction box.
3、Fix the junction box with screws.
4, connect the cable, pay attention to pop-up junction box cable length to want to stay, for the junction box can be successfully pop-up.
5、the cable reasonably well.

IP65 protection level waterproof enclosure


1) Be sure to confirm the size of the hole.
2) If you open the hole, be sure not to open the hole big, need professional tools to cooperate.
3) Do not tear the protective film on the surface of the junction box when installing the junction box; 4) The edges of the junction box panel are thin.
4) The edge of the panel of the junction box is thin, pay attention to scratches, bumps; 5) The length of the cable should be left.
5) Cable length should be able to leave all the junction box out of the countertop, 25cm range.

1, first of all, the cable and the façade socket connection; 2, the cable connected to the façade socket; 2, the cable connected to the façade.
2, connect the cable wall junction panel into the wall 86 junction box, pay attention to the desire to leave the appropriate length for future maintenance.
3, screw the wall panel and 86 junction box screw.

PVC wire pipe and junction box in addition to the original box restrictions should be installed between the lock mother to connect, junction box should be installed on the same level of the baseline. In the threading line is completed, should be timely outside the box of reserved lines in the junction box in an orderly manner, and the use of insulating tape on the wire joints wrapped evenly and tightly or the use of crimp caps on the wire joints for protection. In addition, the homeowner can also be observed from here whether the home’s electrical wiring installation specification of the use of three-coloured wire.

Junction box because it plays a role in protecting wires and connecting wires, so it is still very important to pay attention to in home improvement. If there is no standard operation and installation, there may exist in the safety hazard.

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