What is a junction box and used for

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The basic concept and classification of junction box

Junction box, also called contact box, is an electrical component used to connect wires and cables. It plays an important role in the circuit, can protect the wire connection, prevent leakage and short circuit and other phenomena.

According to its use and structure, junction box can be divided into various types, such as terminal box, branch junction box, contact junction box and so on. Among them, the terminal box is used to connect wires and cables to the AC power supply or DC power supply on the junction box; branch junction box is used to divide a cable into two or more cables of the junction box; contact junction box is used to connect two or more cables of the junction box.

What does a junction box do

The main role of the junction box is to connect wires and cables together to achieve electrical conduction. At the same time, it also has the following roles:

1.protect the wire connection. The junction box can prevent the wires from loosening due to prolonged squeezing or vibration, thus protecting the wire connections from damage.

2.Prevent leakage and short circuit. The junction box is waterproof, fireproof and other functions, can effectively prevent leakage and short-circuit and other hazards.

3.Increase wire length. Junction box can connect multiple wires together, increase the length of the wire, easy wiring of electrical installations

When you need to use the junction box

1. When the length of the wire is not enough and it is necessary to connect more than one wire, it is necessary to use a branch terminal box or contact terminal box.

2.when the wire connection is vulnerable to extrusion, vibration and other factors, it is necessary to use the terminal box or connecting box to protect the wire connections.

3.when the wire connections need to be waterproof, fireproof, etc., you need to use these features of the junction box.

4.when the circuit needs to be dismantled or replaced, the use of junction boxes can facilitate the connection and dismantling of wires.

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