NEMA 4 Waterproof Terminal Junction Box Enclosure

Terminal block housings are used to connect wires, cables or electronic components together while providing safety and ease of maintenance. It can find a wide range of applications in industry, construction, telecommunications and other fields, where it is used to organize and protect electrical connections to ensure proper operation and maintenance of equipment.

Product Features

◆The case is made of ABS material, the metal part of the Terminal Blocks is made of Brass.
◆ The Product has passed waterproof and dustproof carried out under rigid quality standards.(IP 66)
◆ The use isalso convenient for the installation of Terminal Substitution Rail, Button Box, Small Terminal, Signal , Relay and Sensor , Communication and joint Box etc.

Order No

Order typePolesOverall dimensions(mm)Wire leads to waylead to Diameter of wire
4P450.5128.544Built-in cable jointφ10mm
6P655.5137.544Built-in cable jointφ10mm
10P1075.5125.544With Knock down hole 

Technical Parameters

Protection grade(EN 60529)IP66/IP67 IP65(FSH)IP66/IP67
Shock resistance(EN 62262)IK08(side) IK09(front)IK08
Temperature range(short term)-40℃~120℃-40℃~80℃
Temperature range(continuous)-40℃~80℃-40℃~60℃
InsulationFully insulatedFully insulated
Colour and lustreopaque-Light grey partRAL 7035RAL 7035
transparent-PC cover partColorlessColorless
Cover screw colorRAL 7035RAL 7035
Head bolts materialPAPA
Flame retardant gradeUL94-5VUL94HB
Burning wire test960℃650℃
Non-toxicHalogen freeHalogen free
Uv testUL 508(IN Aging machine 720h) 
Chemical resistance performanceGoodGood

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